Pet Simulator X mod menu
  • Infinite Resources: Unlimited gems for purchasing items and upgrades.
  • Instant Level Up: Automatically increase your pet’s level.
  • Customizable Pet Stats: Adjust health, speed, strength, etc.
  • Unlock All Pets: Unlock access to all available pets.
  • Instant Training: Train your pet’s skills instantly.
  • Auto-Collect Resources: Automatically gather resources.
  • Unlimited Energy: Remove energy constraints to perform endless actions.

And much, much more.

Download Pyro Now

Dominate in Pet Sim X with Pyro Menu™

Are you ready to take your Pet Sim X game to a whole new level? Meet the Pyro Menu – your magical key to unlocking amazing things in the game.

With Pyro, you can make your pet super strong, get lots of cool stuff, and even discover secret places! It’s like having a superpower in the game that lets you do really awesome things. Get ready to have more fun than ever with Pyro by your side!

Download Pyro Now

Pyro Features

Infinite Resources 💎

Unlimited coins, gems, or other in-game currency for purchasing items and upgrades.

Customizable Pet Stats 📊

Gain unlimited in-game currency, items, and resources to enhance your gameplay.

Instant Level Up ⬆️

Automatically increase your pet’s level without having to go through the regular progression.

Unlock All Pets 🐱

Unlock access to all available pets without completing specific in-game requirements.

Custom Pet Appearance 🐶

Modify the appearance of your pet, including size, color, and other visual aspects.

Unlock Mini-Games 🎮

Access mini-games or activities that are usually locked behind progression.

Teleportation 🥏

Instantly travel to different locations within the game world for quick exploration.

God Mode 💪

Make your pet invulnerable to damage, ensuring it never gets hurt.

Instant Training 🏋️

Train your pet’s skills instantly, bypassing the time-consuming training process.

Time Manipulation ⌚

Control the in-game time to speed up or slow down events and activities.

Auto-Collect Resources ⛏️

Automatically gather resources without manual input.

Hidden Secrets Revealed 🤫

Highlight hidden areas, Easter eggs, or secrets on the game map.

Security Features ✔️

Play with confidence thanks to anti-detection measures ensuring a safe experience.

Unlock Rare Items 💍

Get access to rare and exclusive items that are typically hard to obtain.

Regular Updates 📋

Enjoy ongoing improvements, additions, and compatibility updates.

Unlimited Energy ⚡

Remove energy constraints, allowing your pet to perform actions endlessly.

Instant Quest Completion ✔️

Automatically complete quests and objectives without having to complete the tasks.

Multiplier Boosts ➕

Increase rewards and benefits gained from various in-game activities.

And much, much more. Download it today and test out all the features yourself!

Download Pyro Now

Unleash the Power of Pyro™ in Pet Simulator X

Welcome to the world of Pet Sim X, where your adventure is about to get a whole lot more exciting! Introducing the Pyro™ Mod Menu – your gateway to unparalleled customization, incredible powers, and hidden wonders within the game.

How Pyro™ Works

Using Pyro™ is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Download and Install: Get Pyro™ Mod Menu on your device.
  2. Launch and Access: Open Pyro™ from the in-game menu.
  3. Select and Enjoy: Choose features and have a blast in Pet Sim X!

Explore, Customize, and Play!

Pyro™ isn’t just about making things easier – it’s about adding a whole new layer of excitement to your Pet Sim X experience. Discover hidden places, create super-strong pets, and have a blast customizing your gameplay to match your wildest dreams. Get ready to embark on an adventure like no other!